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FAQ - How are your services provided to a booth?

Electrical service is typically supplied from the floor unless the customer requests overhead service or your requirements exceed the floor port capacity of 100 amps. Internet and plumbing (excluding drains) services are provided to the booth from the overhead truss.

FAQ - How many plugs do you receive when you order electrical service?

All electrical circuits are provided as single outlets. A power strip/multiple connection box may be added to  120 volt power to supply additional outlets. You may rent those from us for an additional $23.00 (four outlets) or provide your own.

FAQ - Do you supply European adapters?

We do not supply European adaptors. It is best for the client to bring their own, but we can offer a list of stores where they might be available for purchase.,

FAQ - Do you offer wireless on the exhibit floor?

We do not offer WIFI for purchase at this time on the exhibit floor. Exhibitors are allowed to bring and use their own wireless routers. The customer must order the shared internet with an IP address per device connected to their wireless router. It is the responsibility of the customer to properly configure the router and ensure it is operational.

FAQ - What is the difference between the dedicated and the shared internet service?

The dedicated service means you are on your own VLAN (or segment). The Shared service can be shared with up to 253 users. Our internet is provided from a 1 gig pipe for both the Dedicated and Shared Internet service.  Depending on the end users equipment and what programs you are running the speed averages 10 to 30 megs download and upload.

FAQ - How do I make changes to my order?

If you need to make changes to an existing online order, please contact the Exhibit Services department of the New Orleans Morial Convention Center. You may reach us by email at or by phone at 504-582-3088.

FAQ - When is the deadline for placing my order?

You may place your order online until the first event move in day . After online ordering is no longer available for your event, you may place your order via  fax, email or on site. Please be aware orders and/or revisions placed on-site or after the first exhibitor move in day will be charged an additional 25% of our standard rate fee. 

FAQ - What if I have questions/concerns regarding my services on site during my event?

Please visit the MCCNO service desk located in your event's service center either during move in or event days and one of our Services Representatives will be happy to assist you. 

FAQ - What is your cancellation policy?

All cancellations must be submitted in writing. A processing fee of $50.00 will be applied to orders cancelled prior to installation. No credit is provided for service cancelled after installation.

FAQ - What is your refund policy?

All service concerns must be reported to the MCC Service Desk prior to the close of the event. Claims will not be considered unless filed in writing by the exhibitor prior to the close of the event. Credit will not be given to service installed and not used.